Wanna be like Gracie Hart!!! 憧れの女性はグレイシー・ハート!!!

OMG!!!!! My seat flight to Tokyo from Paris is between old men >< I have to spend long long time in this stuck situation...
Watched the rest of "Gravity". Good!! Last scene is very good!! I like her, Sandra Bullock, and like her other films too. Especially "Miss. Congeniality" series is excellent!! I want to be like Gracie Hart. She has a strong scene of justice, acts should do with a strong will, beautiful, and kind. She is my heroine♥ I should be like her!!

3, 4 June 2014 is only one day for me. I departed from Malaga, Spain at this morning, visit Paris, France and now here Tokyo, Japan. Very long and wonderful day. This is the final interesting gift to me from adventure to abroad.
I was born on the earth miraculously. You too. I do not meet you, him and her yet. I hope to meet you all and visit many cities I have not been before as many as possible.





Malaga Airport has another name, it is Pablo Ruiz Picasso International Airport. When I knew this, thought want to fly to Japan from here.


Landed on Paris for transit and out from the airport!! Japanese women must love this city. I........think it is beautiful.


I was excited at Cathedrale Notre-Dame when found same gargoyles as Walt Disney animated film "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".


If you need help at metro station in Paris, Mark may help you! When I looking at a map at there, he appeared and helped me :) I was fine though, merci!!


Montmartre. Mark lives here. It is said that Picasso used to draw at Place du Tertre.


Very cold now!! But I ate three ice creams at Pari's cafe.


Waiting for a train to the airport at Gare du Nord.
"Are you going to the airport?", a tall man talked to me.
"Yes." "Me too."
He came from Ohio, USA, with his little son. What a cute boy♥
"What's your name?" "Where do you live?" "Vacation?", We talked about each other. I like to talk to people of the first meeting.
Speaking of which, I met in my favorite city Tarifa. When I was going to see Boss, a man asked me "Do you know where ave maria street is?" on the road. "I do not know." "OK. What is your name?" "Mayumi." "Hi, Mayumi. I am Carlos." "Nice to meet you." "Do you live here or visit?" "Visit." *** "Please let me ask you again. Do you know where ave maria street is?" "No"
Like this, not finished just one question, we knew each other by some questions. I have seen and experienced many nice scenes like this, rarely happen in my country Japan.
People in abroad do not hesitate to say directly or to express what they think. "You are so nice, I like you!" "What are you doing?" "Why?" "What do you think?"
I think it is very important and like these people. Most Japanese (I become one of them sometimes) do not express themselves, I think so, at least most people around I have ever seen. I often have a question "why?" to such like people.



Many Blue メニ―・ブルー

Bus is running on the beautiful road along with Costa del Sol.


Transit at Nerja and arrived at Frigiliana, and here is called the most beautiful village in Spain. White and Blue. But honestly to say, I have seen many cities same as this colors in this country, so was not so moved. I wanted a sunglasses.

Before walk under strong sunshine, have a lunch. An old man is looking at me over there. Umm, what?
Later, when we passed on the road each other, he said to me "Hola". "Hola" I answered.
"Hello" "Hello"
"Are you traveling alone?" "Yes!"
He is surprised with open his mouth wide. What a pretty old man♥ He came from Belgium with his wife and a small dog.
"Shall I take a picture for you?" "Yes, please."



There are many steep slopes here. Old age people need to take a break after few steps. I don't need it!! Passed them. "Hola, Hola, Hola!"


Returned Nerja. Here is also very nice place. It has a Balcon de Europa. Wow!!! Good balcony and I love also Playa Calahonda!! I wanna enjoy to swim in next opportunity.


Cuevas de Nerja, takes 15 minutes from center of Nerja by bus.


Return to Malaga (my place to stay) with a charming driver. He sang his original song?