Disney Dream Art World 2017 ディズニードリームアートワールド2017

Passed an intersection, and felt that I might have got lost my goal. Stop the motorbike and check a map. Yes, I had to turn right that intersection I passed.
Return to there and turned left. Go straight and straight and straight........ am I really driving to my goal? Stop and map again. Yes, keep going straight this road and I'll find my goal.

Here is my goal!! Where is a bicycle parking, I can't find it. Ask a guard.
"Excuse me. Where can I park my motorbike?"
"The parking is a bit far from here. So, you can park it on the spaces in front of steps."
"Oh, OK, thanks :)"



Came to see Disney's paintings, Dream Art World 2017. I wanna be like Disney fine artists who give dreams to people.


Can see a town beyond green. Nice view.


When leaving here, passed that guard with smile and a slight bow:) He also found me and smiled and a slight bow:)



Made lists リスト作った

I made two kinds of lists: my favorite short animated list, major and great film festival list.

About my favorite animation list. Great films (artistic, I love and feel like watching one more time one more time) are listed. I was very lucky to see and talk some of filmmakers directed film on this list. They were so nice😉
Even if make a great film, if no good person/filmmaker, for example not kind or say arrogant things, it becomes just a good film. Narrow minded?
Anyway, hope my films are listed in near future.

About film festival list. Listed film festivals I wanna apply and participate. Many festivals in Sep and Nov.