Animation ♥ アニメーション

Directed, Produced, Script, Animation, Edit, Sound..., by Mayumi Nishijima.

『寝台車 Sleeping car』(2016, Canada & Japan)
2D computer, 06'40''
- Many things happen in a sleeping car. -

Photo, 04'30'', Japan
- Nobody know what happen to own life. -

The Arlington International Film Festival (2016, USA)

Objected animation, 01'10'', Japan
- There is various cards, and they affect each other. -

ALTER-NATIVE 20 (2012, Romania)
Animest ROZAFA (Albania)

Charcoal on paper, 04'25'', Japan
- A girl starts finding stars of her mind. -

FIA Stockholm (2010, Sweden)

Ink on paper, 01'40'', Japan
- An environment and animals are being destroyed by people in an environment restaurant which the motif is the earth. -

Billtown Film Festival (2011, USA)
MONSTRA Lisbon Animation Festival (2011, Portugal)
Asian Conection Film Festival (2010, France)
Animafest ZAGREB (2010, Croatia)
社団法人横浜青年会議所国家問題検証特別委員会公開委員会「『京都議定書から何を学ぶのか』 ~Think globally, Act locally~」 (2009, Japan)
Green Film Festival (2009, South Korea)
宮城・仙台アニメーショングランプリ (2009, Japan)
Tricky Women Festival (2009, Austria)
ブロスタTVアワード (2008, Japan)
animation film festival animasyros 1.0 (2008, Greece)
札幌国際短編映画祭 (2008, Japan)
プレアデス国際短編映画祭 (2008, Japan)