Miss 2 days ago in Cordoba コルドバで2日前を思う

Humid weather! Humid day! Humidity in Europe, I have never thought it.


I came to Cordoba to see Mezquita, but it is closed >< Why!?


Barefoot bandit, Colton Harris-Moore!?



Beyond Strait of Gibraltar ジブラルタル海峡を越えて

One of my dreams is go to Morocco from Spain beyond strait of Gibraltar by a boat. Made my dream come true today!!


It took an hour and time lag is also one hour between Spain and Morocco. Arrived at Tanger, interesting city. Met very nice Mr. and Mrs. from Italy, and made a friend live here :) They supported a lonely Asian and gave happiness :D I really appreciate them!! Thank you!! This miracle is my treasure. Hello everyone~~~ How are you?
There are many nice cities in Morocco. I wanna come back again to visit all of them!


Good bye Boss and Tarifa. To Algeciras by a bus.
Funny Happening in it?! A man sits opposite side of me talked to me in Spanish, may be he tries to tell me that can see Gibraltar over there. I knew.
He stood up, sat on next to me and hold my hand!! I brushed his hand away once, but he held again. Gave up, don't care. Holding strange man's hand in Spanish bus.