HONG KONG, my first Asia 香港。初アジア。

Decided to go to Taiwan in GW 2014. Where should I visit in Taiwan? Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung or islands? I want to go to Taipei and islands!!
Let's make a plan! At first, fly to Kaohsiung, to island and to.....WAIT!! I found "Hong Kong" in destination on an airline website. At that moment, my mind was full of Hong Kong scenes. Go to Hong Kong and Taiwan!!

Landed on Hong Kong and move to Kowloon station by Airport Express.



Took a taxi from the station to my hotel. Many people waited for it in line at the station. My turn, a staff said "2", a taxi waited for me in gate 2. Hong Kong taxi is red and white, low price, and all drivers brought me was nice!
My hotel is young and they did not know the place of my hotel even though I told address and showed a map. Today's driver stopped at somewhere a parking and said "here". "Here? But no building like a hotel. Please go to the reception.". I was little bit scared his answer, if he can not find my hotel, how should I do in this dark mountain? I did not know my hotel is in such like a place...
He found a parking staff and asked where the hotel is. They talked in chinese for a while. for a while. A parking staff asked me "@:@:@:@:@:@:ma?", taxi driver said her "she does not speak chinese", and she asked me "do you want to go hotel?" in english. "YES"

The hotel is little bit far from there. We were able to arrive at the hotel!! There were so many guests and light. I was relieved. A hotel staff opened a door of taxi for me and asked "@:@:@:@:@:ma?", and a driver said "she does not speak chinese". "Reception or your room?", maybe he said so, his pronunciation was not good. "Reception" I answered so. A hotel staff laughed :D and asked me again "Reception or your room?" (maybe), I answered "Reception", he laughed again :D A taxi driver also laughed :D Why?? I also laughed :D

Thank you very much, kind driver!! Got off a taxi and walked to reception through between so many guests, they are student, school trip?
The hotel is very beautiful, really beautiful. Place is not so good, but super Hong Kong taxi drivers bring me to there certainly :)

予約したホテルはまだ新しく、香港滞在中、どのドライバーに住所を言おうが地図を見せようがよく分らないらしく、一発で行けた者はいなかた。今日のドライバーは最初、駐車場らしき場所で止まった。「着いたよ」「ここ?でもそれらしき建物がないよ。受付まで行ってもらえませんか?」 さあどうするドライバー、不安だよ。もしこんな所で降ろされたらどうしよう。真っ暗な山の中。ホテルがこんな所にあるなんて知らなかった。




SAKURA 2014 さくら2014

This season came again. I have many animation projects what I want to express. I will make all of them one by one.