Project M プロジェクトM

I started project M in the first of February. The project was changed and changed many times, and I am working on another project now.
But I don't decide title of it, so still call it project M.
Many good ideas came to me for a month, this is the reason why my plan was changed so many times. How many project did I make for a month? At least 6 projects.
And finally I could start making this project.
I am trying the first technique for me in this project. Use photos I took in many places where I have ever visited. Portugal, Czech, Denmark, Norway, Turkey and Japan. Memorial film for me! But story is not about adventure or travel. Length is 4'20"". Oh, longer than I expected (my expect was 3'00'') 


I have two nice projects I want to work on. Both two must be great animated film, I believe!! Which should I choose for next project?
Ah, I wish I could play the guitar or the piano. Want to make music by myself!!