Disney Dream Art World 2017 ディズニードリームアートワールド2017

Passed an intersection, and felt that I might have got lost my goal. Stop the motorbike and check a map. Yes, I had to turn right that intersection I passed.
Return to there and turned left. Go straight and straight and straight........ am I really driving to my goal? Stop and map again. Yes, keep going straight this road and I'll find my goal.

Here is my goal!! Where is a bicycle parking, I can't find it. Ask a guard.
"Excuse me. Where can I park my motorbike?"
"The parking is a bit far from here. So, you can park it on the spaces in front of steps."
"Oh, OK, thanks :)"



Came to see Disney's paintings, Dream Art World 2017. I wanna be like Disney fine artists who give dreams to people.


Can see a town beyond green. Nice view.


When leaving here, passed that guard with smile and a slight bow:) He also found me and smiled and a slight bow:)



Made lists リスト作った

I made two kinds of lists: my favorite short animated list, major and great film festival list.

About my favorite animation list. Great films (artistic, I love and feel like watching one more time one more time) are listed. I was very lucky to see and talk some of filmmakers directed film on this list. They were so nice😉
Even if make a great film, if no good person/filmmaker, for example not kind or say arrogant things, it becomes just a good film. Narrow minded?
Anyway, hope my films are listed in near future.

About film festival list. Listed film festivals I wanna apply and participate. Many festivals in Sep and Nov.





Kooky クーキー

Finally, could see a cute boy. Watched it in Czech language without subtitles, so little bit difficult to understand the story. But read synopsis after watching, and now understood perfectly.
It was filmed by working Marionettes. I think it's very interesting technique and The Czech Republic style. Czech is really fantasy country for me.



My old business card 古い名刺を再利用

To think about new animation project, I was using my old design business cards as a scratch paper by piecing them together. When I turned it over...💝