That's OK, enough, eh?!

Submitted my new film to about 20 film festivals via FFW. Wanna show it all over the world.
And studied about screening a little bit.

Finally, completed schedule of Big Adventure. Started to prepare in the end of May or the beginning of June, and finally now... It costs a lot of money for adventure. I forgot it and tried to go to every places where wanna go. Stupid ><
Selected places where really wanna go this time, and re-selected ONLY places where really really wanna go, do that many times. In the first stage, it consists of only my hope to go, as a result Big Adventure will be for 5-6 months. Stupid me did not think about COST and fond out it is impossible later :D
If I stay at dormitory with sharing bathroom, it might be possible, and I made up my mind to stay dormitory once. However, it stole pleasure of adventure from me when I thought about staying there.
Wanna enjoy!! Wanna stay at private room, but sharing bathroom is okay..., okay..., ummm okay, but hope to stay at perfectly private room, remembered the hotel in Mexico city. Oh -o-;
Decided to stay at perfectly private room except city where requires very high prices to stay.
And found out that I have two kinds of cities: wanna/need to stay at least one night or need not to stay/just wanna go to see. To go to the second half of cities, should use transit time. I succeeded in saving huge time and money!!

Some of cities I will go this time are where I wanted to live or tried to go before. That means "really really wanna go".

It was thunder morning, yesterday or two days ago. I was in NY in my dream.
I like thunder (very much). Scared, but very cool. Lighting and huge sound, cool.
In my Japanese stulier, position of desk and bed to windows is the same with MTL one. I was looking at and hearing thunder on the bed in MTL. Remembered.
I love MTL and really think that was good to live there, and think MTL is very beautiful city. But, don't wanna live there more.

Knew that difference of animation between Canada and America by a lot of animation people met in MTL and Bill P. Oh, and also by animation people met in HIROSHIMA. It had very nice program. So(?), don't go to your festival this time. I am interested in your festival though, no interested in program of this year's. Besides, you seem to forget me, or? Anyway, I will use my precious time and money for more precious things, instead.

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