HIROSHIMA 2016, day 3

Went to see  Documentary "Film Adventure Karel Zeman" (this was really very good), Feature Animation "PHANTOM BOY" and Competition 3.

Between "PHANTOM BOY" and Competition, returned to the hotel once and took a rest. So, could see all films of competition tonight and went to eat Okonomiyaki with my friend after that.

My friends took me to an Okonomiyaki restaurant where is the nearest from the festival place and also I left there with my angry when went to with my junior 2 years ago. At that time, I swear NEVER CAME BACK. But we do not know other restaurant..., so came back.

Why I was angry 2 years ago, because they let us wait too much , and after waited about 1 hour, a young man staff came to us to ask "excuse me, can I ask your order again?"
Hey you, we are waiting almost 1 hour. And have to wait more because of you? There were only few customers, I think you must not so busy. However, why happen like this?
He just said "sorry..." with very little voice.
The time of program we wanted to see was approaching, so impossible to wait more. CANCEL! BYE!

2 years later. It is opening until 22:00. We came at 21:30. Can we?
Opened the door, a young woman staff welcomed us. Oh, we can!! Had a seat and looking at a menu.
A young man staff came to us. You? The same guy with 2 years ago? Umm, dunno.
"I am sorry we are gonna closing at 22:00. And it takes 40 minutes to serve to you, so..."
"Oh, impossible, ea?"
"..................." he is smiling with sorry.
You should say so before we have a seat! Wanted to say so, but kindly people who were waiting next table told us another restaurant. They were waiting 1 hour. Ahaha, quite same as 2 years ago.

Another restaurant was very near from that stupid one. And they accepted us^^
We had a seat and waited, then Georges Schwizebel and his wife and someone, my friend's best friend and Igor Kovalyov came!!!!!

Here was a nice Okonomiyaki restaurant. Tasty, cheaper price and nice staffs.
Okonomiyaki we ordered was the smallest size, but very big for us and could not eat all. Took it out for tomorrow lunch.

今日は『映画界の冒険家 カレル・ゼマン』(これ、すっごい面白かった)、『ファントムボーイ』とコンペ。





お好み焼きおいしかった^^ これで一番小さいサイズだよ!食べきれなかったから、残りはお持ち帰り。

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