After HIROSHIMA 2016

Hate the day just after the festival finished. Felt last 5 days were long for the first time. Did not go to OTIS and MOZART this time.

Walk to Hiroshima station again. It took about 1 hour because walked with looking at some things. Very wet, feel good! MTL summer is also hot, but not so humid, so quite different.



When was waiting for my train at Hiroshima station, an old man passed in front of me while staring at my face, and sat down have a little bit space. But soon, closed to me and asked,
"Where are you going? Why did you come to Hiroshima? Why do you leave so early time, why don't you stay more? I treat a lunch, OK? Stay with me? Oh, you leave..."

Why are many old men interested in me??



I was listening a conversation by 2 old women in a train. A woman who is doing something for money, but she really doesn't like it. And a woman who gives advice to her, and she loves jewels.
"Most important thing is not money, it's what your heart want. You really don't like to doing, so you should quite it."
"Well, but........."
"You hate it, eh? You have a lot of stress because of it and it's not good for your health."
"I see that, but........."
"Quit. I think you should quit for yourself."
"You can do that, but I can not. I see that it's a weak point of me."
"Please listen to your voice from your heart. It must be an answer."

At the festival, some experts said "Be honestly to yourself". That's for making your animation though.



I am home. Feel everything in my house is very low again. Did not come back from Canada, came back from Hiroshima. My house seems to be a special.

My no.1 favorite animation film festival is over...
Hiroshima is the best film festival because homey, high quality film's screening and excellent staffs.
Which film festival do you like? Asked to some friends.
Hiroshima and Zagreb is poplar. Many filmmakers think the same things with me. And also, because especially Zagreb city is very beautiful.
Annecy is not popular because that's for BUSINESS and bad manner during screenings.
I have heard some opinions for Hiroshima: Keep old style. There are no enough space to discuss/conversation.



When checking email, found a certain email that was sent few days ago, and it's from an acquaintance who met in last Hiroshima. "Are you coming to Hiroshima this year?"
At the festival, some acquaintances found me and talked to me. So glad that people remember me.


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