We see well each other お互いよく見えますね

Last night, 1:30 am, fire alarm went off. My fault? No way. Anyway, out of my stulier. There were some people in corridor. And security staff came to our floor and said me "stay in your room".
After that, about 5 minutes passed. Noisy and uneasiness, so could not sleep. Finally stopped, but soon, again... And announce "Hello everyone. This is a malfunction of the fire alarm. You need not to run away. Please stay in your room and wait for another message from us." And stopped completely.

This happening gave me fear for the first time in Montreal. They said "malfunction", but when I heard some siren of fire engines, I thought they may be coming to here. However, they really through here and I was relieaved. I fall a sleep with one light is turning on.



Afternoon, a security staff knocked on my stulier. What?
"Did you just move in?"
"When did you come?"
"Well................., May 5th."
And he went to next room. For what?


I am interested in this job.


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