St. Patric's Parade and 34e FIFA again セント・パトリックスのパレードとFIFAに行ってきた

4 months ago and it was the day moved to Monkey land, came here to see Santa parade with my friend. At that time, he told me this parade. Spring!! But it seems to be said that April is still winter here. However, I felt spring today, because some cafes started putting tables and chairs on the streets!

The parade started at 12:00. I wanna see the program of FIFA from 12:30 and it takes 15 min to there. Think of the time to buy a ticket, not enough time to enjoy the parade.
The parade started. I also started moving with them to FIFA.



Saw a program about Dali and Picasso and very good!!!!! Ah~~~good:D Dali looks like a Vampire! I heard Picasso's voice for the first time!!!

ダリとピカソについての上映を観た。面白かったー、あぁ よかった!!ダリってドラキュラみたい。ピカソの声初めて聴いた!

I wanna buy a files. Could not last time due to spent a lot of times for sight seeing. Got files, and mascara too today.
Some shops are decorated for St. Patric's Day.

Wanna fly away too!!!!!!


The owner told me this grocery store is very cheap and only in downtown, many people who living outside of downtown go to there with big bags. Check it out!

I did not think very cheap. Depends on foods and some foods are more expensive then other places.
Bought cheap breads in ¢99 for this week.



The metro I took on my way to home was first type for me (left). There are no borders between cars. Right photo is usual type.


I am always glad to see them at their house:)


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