Everything is first time to me 全部が初めて

Certificate of insurance was sent me. This time's venture is not just traveling, so different kind of insurance I've ever taken out.
And I can not contract it by myself, had to ask to someone who will be in Japan while I am out of Japan. I did not know.

Not only about it, I learned so many things through preparing for next big adventure. Visa, new type of airline tickets, etc.

I was using old computer (for 10 years) and mobile phone (for 5 years). One of them is broke down and the other one is also ungood condition and inconvenient for use in abroad. Let's buy new one for big venture.

But, I had no knowledge about them all because I had ever decided to buy with only design and price. 
However this time, I should consider specification very well, and price (wanna save as much money as possible for big adventure). Study!

BUT!!! My computer is broke down and I can not surf the internet ><
I felt that it is very inconvenient, when I can not do what I was always doing suddenly.
Switch my mind quickly. I will decide to buy new one, so good timing isn't it? Let's do it now!

To surf the internet, went to library and university. Long time no coming there. Good!
And studied with asking to staffs at stores. Tired! New knowledge is in all my body and I caught a heavy cold.....pitiable :( (story one month and few days ago)

Solved my questions one by one, and I got new pretty computer and smartphone.
I finally knew what Wi-Fi is!! ha ha...(a man of reception at a hotel in Spain laughed me last summer :D)








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