Wanna be like Gracie Hart!!! 憧れの女性はグレイシー・ハート!!!

OMG!!!!! My seat flight to Tokyo from Paris is between old men >< I have to spend long long time in this stuck situation...
Watched the rest of "Gravity". Good!! Last scene is very good!! I like her, Sandra Bullock, and like her other films too. Especially "Miss. Congeniality" series is excellent!! I want to be like Gracie Hart. She has a strong scene of justice, acts should do with a strong will, beautiful, and kind. She is my heroine♥ I should be like her!!

3, 4 June 2014 is only one day for me. I departed from Malaga, Spain at this morning, visit Paris, France and now here Tokyo, Japan. Very long and wonderful day. This is the final interesting gift to me from adventure to abroad.
I was born on the earth miraculously. You too. I do not meet you, him and her yet. I hope to meet you all and visit many cities I have not been before as many as possible.



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