Many Blue メニ―・ブルー

Bus is running on the beautiful road along with Costa del Sol.


Transit at Nerja and arrived at Frigiliana, and here is called the most beautiful village in Spain. White and Blue. But honestly to say, I have seen many cities same as this colors in this country, so was not so moved. I wanted a sunglasses.

Before walk under strong sunshine, have a lunch. An old man is looking at me over there. Umm, what?
Later, when we passed on the road each other, he said to me "Hola". "Hola" I answered.
"Hello" "Hello"
"Are you traveling alone?" "Yes!"
He is surprised with open his mouth wide. What a pretty old man♥ He came from Belgium with his wife and a small dog.
"Shall I take a picture for you?" "Yes, please."



There are many steep slopes here. Old age people need to take a break after few steps. I don't need it!! Passed them. "Hola, Hola, Hola!"


Returned Nerja. Here is also very nice place. It has a Balcon de Europa. Wow!!! Good balcony and I love also Playa Calahonda!! I wanna enjoy to swim in next opportunity.


Cuevas de Nerja, takes 15 minutes from center of Nerja by bus.


Return to Malaga (my place to stay) with a charming driver. He sang his original song?


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