A long black hair woman run through in dark city, it is me. I was in a little panic because a building I thought Granada station is not it. Time never wait for me. Hurry! Ask to someone! But no people in dark morning city. Uh...
Then, I found a tall man over there. Follow and catch him!! "Perdon! Perdon!"
His ears is covered by earphone and he does not hear me. "Perdon! Perdon! Perdon! Perdon! Perdon!........", I cried out so many times and finally made him look back.
"Excuse me, where is RENFE station?" "Ah..... you count this street is one. One, two, three and turn right." "OK. Thank you for your time." and reached to the station. His explanation was very nice!! There is no doubt he was surprised because suddenly  a long hair woman came close from his back with jumping and crying out.
People in this country is so nice! If you try to cross a road, every cars stop for you in any cases. I was moved it.

A train I ride is already at the station. Let's ride on!
Gradually Spanish nature appears. Dry, vast, orange, very beautiful. I love just to see view without thinking anything. It is happy moment for me.



Ronda!! Here is not today's final destination. I am interested in here and got off on the way. Good to come :D


Rode on a train arrived from Madrid and to Algeciras.
At Algeciras station, a staff stared me straight in the face as if he said "why did you come here? What are you doing here?". Because Algeciras is not a city for sightseeing and no Asian, I think so.
Here is not also today's final destination. Take a bus and go to today's goal. I could see Gibraltar and Morocco over there :D


Came here, Tarifa!! The southern city in Europe. Lovely city♥
Found my hotel. Ring, ring..., ring, ring..., here too? Ring, ring..., ring, ring...
"whhhhh?" did someone answer?
Ring, ring...
Door is opened and I looked inside. A man is standing covered his body with a bath towel.
".................Hola, me llamo..." "Welcome!! I am boss :)" And I was asked to have a seat to check in and it was like a interview. Boss is very nice and this hotel is also my favorite♥

「ほわわわわ?」 何か聞こえた。
「ほわわわわ?」 やっぱり何か言ってる。

"Hey, Boss. Key por favor." "Thank you. We usually open the door 24H, but if it is closed when you come back, should ring :)" "Si, si."

"Bom dia!" "Hola!"
Pretty city with strong sunshine, windy, tasty foods and nice people. I am standing edge of Eurasia again!!!!!



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