Story about last 10 days 過去10日間のおはなし

After East Asia venture, I feel like to go somewhere now, now, right now!!
I am going to go to Tokyo tomorrow and stay one night, and go to Tohoku area (northern area from Tokyo) from next day. I have never been this area yet.

Bought a ticket to Tokyo. Start to make a plan for Tohoku venture.
Just a moment..., it has a big international airport in Tokyo!! So maybe I should fly to abroad.
I am worried about my money, we need to pay big money to go to abroad, you know. But I have simple answer for it, "I work for it. That's all."
Fortunately, I have enough time to go to abroad now. I do not know what will happen to my future. So I think it is better important my wish than money.

I GO TO ABROAD!!!!! I am interested in USA, Greece, Thailand, Morocco and Australia. Where should I go?
My heart selected USA, Greece and Morocco. I need to select one in three countries. Ah, difficult, very difficult to select only one ><
Every countries I selected is amazing. Umm, should I go all? Check price of air tickets....................................., 1000000 yen!! NO NO, too too too expensive. Select ONE!

My departure, 25 is coming close. Ah Ah Ah ><
And my heart is changing gradually. I need the color to next venture, am unable to explain to you. USA and Greece has own beautiful color, but they are not the color I want now.
When I looking at pictures in internet and guide books at book store, a certain color gripped my heart, - SPAIN -
I forgot to want to go to Spain, it should not be in my list. Because promised my best friend to go together someday few years ago, so I can not go now. But we do not know when dream come true.
Told this story to my best friend. She said "sorry you wait for me for a long time. you have an opportunity, so I want you to go" and some other kindly phrases :)
Are you god? Thank you♥ But my heart is aching. I swear to find great things to guide her when we will go together.

Spain! Spain! Pablo Picasso and Antonio Gaudi was born there. I love their works, wanna see them in Spain!
Morocco is south of it. I hope to go there too in this venture.

22 May, booked airline tickets and hotels. 22...

23 May, packing and went to bed early with hope to back safely from Spain.








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