Hola, Picasso-kun and Doctor. こんにちは、ピカソ君、お医者さん。

Woke up very early at this morning for my flight. It is the day departure to Spain!! Scary!! I have heard some scary things in Spain. Like this feeling is first time in my venture. Am I fine?

I used Air France from Haneda airport. Watched two films "FROZEN" and "GRAVITY". I like FROZEN, snowman is so nice! But, was it really made by same staffs made Beauty and The Beast?! I was not able to watch all of GRAVITY. In return.



I saw a pretty old man at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport (transit), and he looked like a Picasso, called him Picasso-kun. Where are you going? Barcelona, same as me?
My gate was opened and he boarded first. He is going to Barcelona!!

Only three Japanese in this airplane. Two young Japanese ladies sat next me. One of them wears a clothe I have -_- A little bit different.



Took a bus to center of the city from Aeroport de Barcelona El Prat. No announce in European bus, I think it is inconvenience, what do you think? Good chance to communication? Asked a passenger "Catalunya?" "Si, Catalunya" "Thank you". It was very simple communication, but felt good!

バルセロナ・プラット空港から市内へはバスで。ヨーロッパのバスてアナウンスないけど、皆不便に思わないのかな?コミュニケーションとるチャンス?!「カタルーニャ(広場)?」「ええ、カタルーニャよ」「ありがとう」 すっごく単純なコミュニケーションだたけど、いいね。

Walked to my hotel about 15 minutes through big beautiful main street, named Las Ramblas. My favorite street♥
When I seeing a map, a man talked me "Las Ramblas". I did not know he asked me or told me, anyway I said "Yes". He nodded, asked me! And we talked a little bit. He is a Doctor from Italy, came here for academic conference yesterday. Cool!! He is looking for a supermarket to buy a drink, but I do not know where it is, sorry. He gone with kissed on my hand!! Italy!!


This is my room in Barelona. Tiny and I need to guess the weather by sound of nature every morning.


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