Wien 2. ウィーンその2

Wien Hauptbahnhof is under construction.


Take a metro to Schonbrunn.


Schlob Schonbrunn!! The duck got away with my sunglasses. 


And next is center of Wien, Stephansdom!! Color contrast of inside and outside was excellent!!


Walking in rain and strong wind.

雨風の中 ぷらぷら。

Lunch at Demel, where is my favorite sweets shop! I got a unlucky information about Praha by Japanese who met at here. Because of flood, Charles Bridge is "NOT PASS" from today, she was lucky to went through it yesterday. What!? Come to think of it, news said about flood on TV everyday. Ha~~, worry.


Where is the sun?? I have a promise to see my friends.


Saw my friend and new friend!!!!! Long time no see you, since HIROSHIMA 2006. They took me many places ; apple pie and Austria traditional coffee at gorgeous cafe, market, Japanese food store, Riesenrad, the oldest restaurant and church in Wien. I was so excited!! Thank you so much my friends :D


I will go back to Czech Republic yesterday, am very very worried damage by flood. If train or bus stop!? My friend is also worried me. I will be OK!


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