Mrs. Nagare and Most Adventure Day ミセス・ナガレと大冒険な一日

Woke up and I saw first was blue sky!! I believed it!!
A restaurant in the hotel where I am staying is closed because of flood, so I had to go to other hotel for breakfast.


Morning walking in this beautiful town and found artistic place.


See you next time Madam~~. Moved to české budějovice station and take a bus. Serene road.


Came to Hluboká nad Vltavou!


Zámek Hluboká!!!!! Guide tour in Czech with English text. Woooooo, boring --; The guide must perceived it, giggled at my face. Mrs. Nagare and funny boy made me happy :)


Back to české budějovice and walk to see it.


Let's go back to first city, Praha!!


Arrived at Praha station. Well, panic starts!! I was going to take a metro to my hotel, but it is stopped. Why? I did not understand and tried to ask station staff. Then, an old lady came close to me "excuse me". W, what? She explained why metro is stopped, it is because of flood. Ah, damage!! "I would like to go to this hotel". She was thinking and gave me best answer. What a nice lady :D Thank you so much!! Her answer was "take a extraordinary tram". Tram... I am not good at tram. But I had to take it. And here is Praha. Praha=tram!! isn't is? I did not have another choice (oh, taxi), took a extraordinary tram. Far far far from the center (not so far). There are no symbol to go to hotel, asked young couple. They were very kind and took me near the hotel by bus and worried my big baggage. Wait, bus? I did not have another ideas except walking. But they said it is the best, so took a bus. I could not get off at bus station I should, good bye young couple and I got off next bus station and took a bus return, but lost. I had no idea where I am now. Panic!! Called hotel, however they did not help me :( no people, no taxi, it is already 8:45pm. It is getting dark. Panic!! I found gas stand. "help me, I got lost!">< Kind boys and girl helped me!! They knew where the hotel is :D Hotel was very near from here. And finally, I reached to hotel. had exhausted. I was really seriously very panic, but good memory because master tram and met angels!!!!! Very very long day~. Oh, Praha station is very nice!


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