Zlín ズリーン

I am going to Zlín to see a film. Long road, 2 hours by bus from Brno.


Here is characteristic city, I thought so. Czech architecture is very interesting and I like to see very very much. I was interested in the color of here.


This is the main hall of film festival. Nice! International film festival, but display items were written in only Czech.


It had some screen places and this shopping mall was one of them. I found it by chance. I saw "Hans Andersen and the Long Shadow" by Denmark. I like graphic design!

上映会場は複数あって、このモールもその一つ。たまたま入ったらそうだった。デンマークの長編アニメーション作品『Hans Andersen and the Long Shadow』を観た。デザインがよかった。

When I back to Brno, it was sunny. And very very beautiful and big rainbow appeared :D There were no high building and trees, so I could see it very clearly and felt it was so vast. The most beautiful rainbow ever. It was cloudy or rainy everyday so far and these weather will continue. But! it will give birth beautiful view, so I do not care.