Miss my stars. 私のスターたち。

My two big stars in animation field have passed away in this month. Mr. Fyodor Khitruk and my friend Mr. Gerrit van Dijk.

Mr. Khitruk. My best friend introduced me his animated films and I love them, especially "Winnie the Pooh" is the best film to me. I wish I could meet him in my future.

Mr. Dijk. I met him in Hiroshima'10. His talk was so nice and made me laugh. He was so charming and great man. also love his art works.
When I found him in Monstra'11 Portugal, I did not say hello because thought he had not remembered me. Later, I got a chance to tell it to him. He remembered me!! I should have said hello at that time. Now, impossible. I am so sorry and can't believe the death.

Thank you very much for giving me great power.
In deepest sympathy.