Miss my stars. 私のスターたち。

My two big stars in animation field have passed away in this month. Mr. Fyodor Khitruk and my friend Mr. Gerrit van Dijk.

Mr. Khitruk. My best friend introduced me his animated films and I love them, especially "Winnie the Pooh" is the best film to me. I wish I could meet him in my future.

Mr. Dijk. I met him in Hiroshima'10. His talk was so nice and made me laugh. He was so charming and great man. also love his art works.
When I found him in Monstra'11 Portugal, I did not say hello because thought he had not remembered me. Later, I got a chance to tell it to him. He remembered me!! I should have said hello at that time. Now, impossible. I am so sorry and can't believe the death.

Thank you very much for giving me great power.
In deepest sympathy.






Scarlet-colored city Kyoto. 朱の町、京都。

I am interested in my country JAPAN recently. A cue is Ukiyoe. I have ever admired western style in many things such as art, scenery of city, ability of communication, how to think own life. But realized that we are great.
I decided to go to Kyoto, is symbol of Japan, seek Japaneseness and Ukiyoe. And as a result, met many great things.

First, went to Fushimi Inari Taisha, is where I wanted to go the most. Senbon Torii!!!!! Amazing place. I am so happy to come here finally :D



This is a Inari station and also scarlet-colored. I move to Saga-Arashiyama station from here.


Transfer at Kyoto station and saw home No.0 for the first time.


Arrived at Saga Arashiyama station. Big and beautiful station.


I go to Daikakuji. Asked local people the way to there and walked about 15 minutes. Gradually beautiful colored leaves appeared in my eyes.


This is Daikakuji, is full of pinwheels.


Go to Randen-Saga station by walk and take a train.


Came to Ryoanji. Do you know that? Very famous Rock Garden.


I wanted to go to Kinkakuji, but no time. Sorry this time :(
Take a train at Ryoanji to Shijo-omiya. Have a lunch and go to next place from Omiya station.


Minamiza is over there!! Came to Gion. Some people were working. I hope to see Kabuki in my future.


Walking for a while and arrived at Kenninji. I couldn't enter the temple because time is over. Just through. Wanted to see Soryuzu...
But, instead of it? could see nice art in the sky.


Out from south gate of Kenninji, I found a very interested one. The world's smallest museum of Ukiyoe. An owner opens when he wakes up and closes when he has to go to sleep. And when he has had enough, the museum is closed. So I was lucky to see it!!
It is really really very small, but you can see a lot of Ukiyoe. Beautiful!!!!!


Now, I want to go to Kiyomizu-dera. How can I go there? Look around, I found a five storied pagoda. Let's go over there.
Walking, beautiful lady is coming to me. Wait, she is Maiko-san!!!!! I have wanted to see you. By the way, are you real?


Walk again. Many many walked and gradually many many people.


Pink sky, what a pretty!!!!! Everyone took a picture. Very pink.
And Here is Kiyomizu-dera!! It was already dark and I am afraid that couldn't see very clearly. But I felt how beautiful place very well.
This is my second time. The first visit is 16 years ago. I have no memory at all.

A foreign woman asked me "please give me a pin". I gave her my hairpin.

Last, took a sip of Otowa Water. Otowa Waterfall is famous and the name of Kiyomizu-dera after this waterfall.




Hard travel without break and got lost. But I enjoyed very much and happy to visit where wanted to go and saw many splendid things. Japan is wonderful!!